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About Skin Therapy Studio

Esthetician Kay WilliamsWelcome to The Skin Therapy Studio

My name is Kay Williams. I am a licensed esthetician and skincare professional in Greensboro NC, and I would like to thank you for visiting our website.

I have one goal for all my clients, to look and feel as beautiful as they are. I have helped men, women, and teens for over seven years gain confidence and feel comfortable in their own skin.

Why I Became an Esthetician

I am passionate about my clients and my profession because I suffered from adult acne and skin problems in my early 30s.

As my acne problems became worse, I became an emotional wreck. I was embarrassed, lost confidence, and watched my self-esteem decline in the process. I, like most people, tried many products, from store-bought to pharmaceutical grade.

All seemed to offer a sliver of hope to cure and/or control my acne-prone skin. However, I quickly realized most of the products were full of false hopes. That’s when my passion for skincare came alive, and I began to research and study skin.

I learned that skin breathes and releases impurities, making nutrition as important as quality products. Pure or organic skincare products are a powerful combination of healing and protection for the skin while ensuring a radiant healthy glow.

My quest to resolve my “bad skin” and acne scars led me to the world of esthetics. My clinical training, coupled with my formal academic education in skin care esthetics, solidified my earlier informal research and understanding. I learned my skin wasn’t the enemy: nutrition and proper skin care techniques were the key.

Your Skin is the First Thing People See

Everyday I enjoy the skin that I live in and take deep satisfaction in helping my clients put their best face forward. I teach every client how to properly care for his or her skin while imparting my skincare knowledge and expertise.

And as a former acne scar sufferer, I furthered my education and obtained certification in Microdermabrasion third level exfoliation to help others safely and effectively smooth their acne scars. I am always striving to learn new techniques and hone my skills by taking in-service training from industry professionals and continuing education classes.

In addition to various chemical peels and facials, Skin Therapy Studio also performs eyelash extension and offers full waxing services for hair removal and brow and eyelash tinting.