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Kay is a miracle worker!! I was skeptical (and somewhat terrified) of facials and letting people touch my skin as I am very sensitive. However, after my first appointment with Kay, I was hooked. She is a master at that she does. Kay is very knowledgeable and knows not only how to treat various skin conditions, but also how to prevent future problems. I refer all of my friends to Kay–whether they have acne, rosacea, scarring or other issues. Kay’s skincare therapy is unmatched by anyone in the surrounding area. I have been going to Kay for years now and always leave with an incredibly clear complexion. Thank you for years of amazing skin, Kay!!!
Charlotte Lindemanis

I have been a client of Kay Williams for sometime now, and I must say she is wonderful. I even have my wife and daughter come to her. She is by far the best esthetician I have ever came across. People compliment me on my skin and ask what do I do to keep it looking so bright and clear. I tell them it’s not me its my skincare therapist. She is very professional and very knowledgeable about skincare. Thanks Kay you’re the best.
Antron Brownlee

To all,
Kay is fantastic. Her level of assessment and implementation of what is necessary to get your skin back on track and be its best is where she shines. She is also very funny and entertaining while working on you. I highly recommend her.

Heidi Heckel-Mclaughlin

For the past 6 years, I have traveled from Baltimore, MD to Greensboro, NC to see my esthetician, Kay Williams. She has performed peels and super hydrating facials, plus facials that I just needed to reduce stress. Her knowledge of product and how she monitors your skins response during the facial is over and above what other estheticians I have gone to were able to do. If you want the best; if you want your skin to improve; if you are tired of going to esthetician’s who don’t make a difference, you must go see Kay. I’m so excited that she has finally opened her own business where the atmosphere is so inviting, cozy and soothing. You have to know by me traveling 5 1/2 hours one way to see her for treatments she has to be the best! Thanks Kay for your wonderful service over the years!
Coetta Miller